When you have artists and writers in the family, it makes sense to start a business and collaborate. That's how 3 Quail Media started. I wanted to group the family talents together and promote our services. 

Starting with me, Janet Kitto, I am a writer and small business owner. While blogging and developing the Circle Island series, I work full time as a Records and Information Manager.  My business partner and husband, Jamie Kitto, is our technical guru. He is also a writer and artist, but works full time as a Service Delivery Manager. Our daughter, Devon Kitto, is a 3D Modeler and Concept Artist. I've asked her to be the Art Director and Assistant Editor for 3 Quail Media. 

Devon and I are working together on the release of a short story that I will be sharing with you soon on the site. This will be the first publication under the 3 Quail Media name so it's a very big and exciting step for us to take. Devon has already started on the cover art. The story was written a number of years ago when I decided to stop dreaming and start writing fiction. I had written and published non-fiction up until that point, but wanted to challenge myself and try something new. 

The experience so far has been exciting, but it's also been terrifying. For me, it's more than just being a writer. To make 3 Quail Media a reality, I have to make decisions as a business woman, and in this digital age I have to embrace the very public arena of social media. Maybe the world isn't watching us yet, but the information we put online is there forever. 

If you're interested in Devon's work, please check out these websites: