Where Love Leads

Love of the wind whispering to me through the forest, misty air saturating my skin, each breath full of the sea, brought me back to the Island, back to the life inside of me.   

Love separated me from my first home, took me away to create a new life. The thought of returning never buried, the hope remained that we would reunite.

Love led me to the fern gully, the broom covered hills and the river of frogs singing at night. Love opened the door for us to connect, for your blooms to brighten everyone's sight.

Love gave me all this to cherish and to keep close and hold tight, but you, Diane, showed how to open wider and be stronger and when to fight. 

Love brought family and friends together today to celebrate and connect us through your life. Love always will lead me to you, Diane, love recaptures your light.  

Love whispers to me in the wind, the dark, the rainy storming night. Love leads me through the darkness to morning, a brand new day, birds in flight. Love of the Island, love of the sea, love of the life given to me.