Intentional and On Purpose

You’ve probably heard the term, "living intentionally". Does living intentionally mean that we should know what we're doing? Can we try things out, make mistakes, but still live intentionally? Can I do something on purpose and not fully understand what I’m doing? Because as I set out to live intentionally, I’m realizing that the simple life I’m trying to create is not the same as having a purpose to the way I live. My deliberate actions aren’t meaningful.

I want to be responsible, be in charge of my life, and committed to an idea. For many years I’ve been interested in minimalism. I got to a point in my adult life where I was burdened with things I had carried with me since childhood, and I was going in a direction that was not my own. This was manifesting itself in the chaos in my house, in the clutter and the “just in case" thinking that had me save every little thing. I am a collector and I’ve come to accept that I always will be. I love containers. I have pretty wooden boxes that hold my treasures. I have repurposed jars that contain snacks in the pantry. I have a collection of rocks from every beach I’ve travelled to. Jars hold my beads and bits to craft with. The fridge and spice cabinet are full with jars of every colour.

I have an appreciation of the beautiful things in this world. I collect pine cones and cedar boughs that come down in the storms. I collect ideas because I love learning. I look for kindness in the world, and I look for fairness in the hope that all can be treated equal. Above all, I look for honest and true and genuine people. I look for creative ways to express what I value.  I try to see the world from all sides, to see how different perspectives are the foundations of our communities, and how love in its many colours strengthens us all. 

Minimalism, however, is the art of removing those things that distract us from an intentional life. Minimalism is the freedom we find in living with less. Little by little I have been downsizing my life. Still, the collector in me has been creating more and more stuff. 

I’m spending the next few months taking a closer look at what I own, who I have relationships with, and how I spend my time. I will be engaged in making decisions to find a meaningful life, and looking at what I don’t need or love and letting it go. This won’t be a perfect journey, or a simple choice. My actions? Intentional and done with purpose.