Seeking Less, Getting More

Be curiousDon't let others direct you.png


The exercise today is to introduce the minimalist in me. It’s hard to describe what that looks like.  My internal critic focuses on the chaos. Inside, the decisions are complicated and confusing and there is nothing beautiful and simple or let go of inside me. On the outside, the decisions appear more minimalistic. I choose experiences over things, and I find peace in living with less. I have a love/hate relationship with the idea that my creativity fits into minimalism. There are layers to my creative life that hold me, restrict my choices, and repeat in the same pattern regardless of what I let go of. That control of the internal over the external is a complicated mess. 

Starting with the idea that I have much to learn, and I can't start off as an expert, I’m spending time looking at what I’m capable of. The wreckage I’ve stored away gets examined daily. Memories, thoughts, and a wardrobe of identities I’ve kept around "just in case”. No wonder it’s hard to recognize who I am. A lot of what I’m looking at doesn’t fit, and isn’t a true reflection of what I can be. There’s got to be an open window I can hang my head out, a door I can walk through. Maybe there’s a match I can strike and set fire to all of it.

Wait. Those ashes won’t eliminate the forest I’m lost in. More trees will grow. I need to think about what I value so that those seedlings flourish. When I understand how I deserve the life I want, and how to love the world around me, the art of minimalism will be abundantly clear. Seeking less, getting more, recognizing each beautiful feather that can lift me.

Curiosity is a gift. Investigative focus and intention, accountability, these can be creative goals shaping my simple life. I can find direction with the moral compass at my center. I know every root I've laid down and every branch I’ve reached out with. Creativity doesn’t have to complicate my life. 

Trying to live without my internal life in the space of a small mind is chaotic. Allowing that fixed mindset to push me into the same corners, to use up all of my energy fighting the same barriers isn’t what a minimalist does. My bare bones move me through each room and define the design. Now that I can see the foundation and the style, I can appreciate the art of what I’m creating.