Dividing The Pie

It’s time to think about pie. How do you feel about letting go? How do you manage change in your life? Is your day divided up into pieces so small you can’t enjoy the time you have? These are questions I’m asking myself. Want to play along? Comments are welcome below.

I love eating pie. I don’t love dividing up my day and sharing it. Pie that is made with strawberries and rhubarb and baked sweetly with care, I appreciate that pie. I savour it. Pie that divides my time and is two-dimensional, that lacks depth, literally, that kind of pie can help me look at how everything in my day fits. I understand the purpose in that pie, but I don’t savour it. I don’t like seeing how little time I have to enjoy creating what’s most important to me.

One sweet piece of dessert equals more activity. I don’t want that pie sitting thickly around my middle. There’s got to be movement. Maybe I cut activities that I’m doing simultaneously. Instead of trying to feed my mind and my mouth at the same time, I discover a quicker way to nourish myself. I was distracted at meal times with books and devices. Now, I close my eyes and taste each bite. I’m done at the table sooner and move to the next part of my day.

Being more present actually saves me time. I get more out of my pie. I’m not giving away parts of my day to worry and frustration. I'm bursting with ideas and feeding my creative life. These are hours I can savour!

Care to share your pie recipe?