Becoming An Essayist

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Words are my currency, my business. I pocket words and collect ideas. I love the word essayist. More traditional sounding than blogger, essayist guides me like a clean sheet of paper going through the roller of a typewriter. Will my words read differently because they’re organized into an essay and not a blog post? Will you question what the gimmick is? Read on, let me share the Value Shift with you. 

It’s New Year’s Day, and I woke at 4 AM. There's a dusting of snow covering the garden and the forest beyond. Early mornings are typical for me, snow on the southern part of Vancouver Island is not. There's an idea floating through my thoughts, fresh like the white flakes outside. I’ve read something in the past few weeks about becoming an essayist, but the elusive passage has vanished like the last parts of my dream. Most likely, having just finished Everything That Remains, a memoir by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, I've been influenced by their work as The Minimalists. There is a freedom in minimalism that allows me to pursue what I’m passionate about. When I wake on the first day of 2017, I play with my idea, I see pieces of a puzzle forming, and focus on my website where there is room for weekly essays.

A name clearly forms in my mind for the page. A value shift is a change, or more specifically in a story, a movement in the scene. I listen every Friday to the Story Grid Podcast to learn the art of storytelling. Scenes must move from one value state to another or the story isn’t going to work. Do you feel that in your own life? That without movement, without a value shift, you can’t change or expand or even experience the life you want? The Value Shift will help us. My words, your feedback, each week new perspectives.

I joined two accountability groups in 2016. I began wrapping my head around being an author, becoming a better storyteller, and biggest shift of all, an entrepreneur. Sharing my ideas with peers allowed me to explore new possibilities. One thing you hear everywhere in business is give value first. That is foremost in my mind. As an author, I want to make sure I’m offering you, the reader, an experience. As an entrepreneur, I want to create light where there is shadow. Do you feel unsure, alone, and want to connect to share your experiences? I’m stepping out of my shadow to meet you, to take action, to get inspired, and to inspire you. 

Every Monday I will share a new essay with you. There is a microphone in front of me for these weekly journeys, and Evernote is open to capture the words I dictate. I learned from Harry DeWulf, Literary Editor and Story Expert, “You need your tongue to tell a story". No self-censoring is done when the words are laid down. I listen to my thoughts, allow them to fill the page hoping that together, when I share them with you, we are transformed by the Value Shift. This month I'll write about living intentionally. I want to explore the act of giving. Drop in again, won't you?