On Our Way! Bookmobile Tour Starts Here!


Thank you for joining me. I’m heading off to the ferry terminal in my custom Circle Island bookmobile. It was no small feat to get this vehicle on course for the kickoff. I do love driving this beast though. I can’t imagine any other way of touring the island.

First stop after we disembark the small commuter ferry will be to visit with Maureen and Alden on the south east side of the island.  We’ll probably find them working at their store, Bay Groceries. This couple has invested everything into that store. A terrifying sacrifice lays ahead for them, and it is Maureen’s fear that centers the tension. I recommend you read Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery, if there’s a sailing wait.

From the bay, I’ll drive us to the other side of Circle Island. There are some great sandy beaches south west of the bay, and lots of twisty roads along the coast. If you get motion sickness I suggest sitting near the back of the bookmobile where there aren’t any windows, but it’d be a shame to miss out on the view of the Pacific Ocean. Helena will join up with us to share her story. She moved across country to Circle Island after a transforming experience left her alone and looking for a fresh start. A good read while warming your toes in the sand is a short story by Hans Christian Anderson entitled The Wild Swans.

Before the sun sets we have to get to the west side of the island to meet Matthew. We can stay at his home overnight and head back on the ferry in the morning. Matthew is on a quest to find something he buried long ago. He will spend a lifetime searching for answers. He loves The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, and knowing Matthew, he will be happy to share his story with you too. 

If you carry a moral compass, even when you feel lost you'll find your way around Circle Island. Please join me next month when I head out in the bookmobile to visit Bay Groceries again. There is a lot more about Maureen's family to write, and that is the focus of the first novel in the Circle Island Series.

Have a look at the video below and let me know what you think. I read about book trailers and wanted to promote the Circle Island series with my own. Having no budget to film, I jumped blindly at the idea and did it myself. In the beginning, I used my iPad to record thoughts and to test the lighting in our home. Once I got used to seeing myself talk about the series I wrote a rough script and set up my iPad to record again. I just kept shooting, over and over, not realizing I was focused on the wrong point of view. Devon, the artist behind Kitto Concepts, looked at my drafts and explained  it wasn’t clear in the video that Circle Island is a fictional location, and it was just weird for me to be looking out the window using my imagination. So I went back to work and wrote a new script. Together we planned out another video. Devon brought her camera, and we set out for locations that matched Circle Island. The book trailer isn’t everything we hoped it would be, and it was a learning process for us both, but I hope you enjoy what Devon was able to put together on a very tight deadline and with an old camera. Please give us your feedback in the comment section below.


The initial release from the Circle Island Series, a collection of short stories from characters in the first three novels, will hopefully be ready for publication before the end of the year. I wrote the novella to explore the back story of the characters we met today on the bookmobile tour. I hope you'll find that these stories are a great prelude to the full length novels I'll be publishing in 2015.

Join me on the bookmobile next month for new book recommendations and more details about the series.