In The Pocket

The ocean is smooth as glass today. Although it’s still on the surface of the water, what forces are breaking below?

The ferry will be docking soon, and then the bookmobile is driving to the NW side of Circle Island. On that side of the island, the surf is choppy. There will be a group out on their boards, lining up for the waves, and I hope to talk to a few of them when they ride the break back onto the beach. There is one girl in particular that I want to introduce you to. She’s known as the Pocket Princess.

IN THE POCKET, the sixth book in the Circle Island Series, will be published late next year. This story will explore the pioneers of the Pacific, and how one young grommet broke into the isolation of the locals and changed the course of her life.

I surfed for the first time in the summer of 2011 and discovered I not only could pop up on my board and ride the whitewater, I could also escape many of the fears in my head. That day, I connected to the natural pull of the ocean and I’ve never forgotten the freedom I experienced.

I discovered The Cedar Surf, by Grant Shilling, while staying in Tofino four years ago. After a surfing lesson, my body feeling like it had been beaten and crushed in the waves, a quick read seemed like the best way to end the day. This followed after a hot stone massage, highly recommended by the way, and a great meal at a local restaurant. The history of surfing off the west coast of Vancouver Island pulled me in. This small book has educated me on the families and the lifestyle of surfers in the Pacific NW, and inspired me to find my own story to fit into the Circle Island Series.

I’m hoping to be finished with the first draft of THE BIRDS in the next two weeks. It’s been a long haul to finish this story. I’ve written it in bits and pieces over the years. In June, I will focus on the revisions for TRUTHS TO MYSELF to ensure that the second book in the Circle Island Series is published in late August.

There’s only a few more months of the tour left. I have to park the bookmobile at the end of the summer. I appreciate you coming along for the ride to enjoy what the Pacific NW has to offer. Now, get out and explore the natural world around you!