Island Love

Today I’m meeting up with Auden, another bookmobile driver, on the southern tip of Circle Island. He’s in a remote area on the coastline. The limestone headland near his home offers exceptional views of the Pacific Ocean. 

We meet up to discuss the 4th book in the Circle Island Series, a story without a title, about two outsiders struggling with friendship and love. Auden is part librarian, part psychiatrist. He believes finding the right book can fix any problem, and he builds friendships with all of his patrons to make the best book recommendations he can. Berry, a social outcast but a regular in Auden’s bookmobile, is lent Anna Karenina to understand loneliness, betrayal, and forgiveness. 

I’ve yet to name the 4th novel, known only throughout my notes as “Island Love”. This book seems to be a bridge, the last draft before I go into unknown territory, and I think it’s a scary place to stand. If I give the story a name then I have to move on to the 5th book in the series, a book I haven’t even outlined yet. I can run into the forest, like Andi, Berry’s best friend, so I don’t have to face what’s ahead, but at some point I have to emerge on the other side of the island for books 5 through 8 in the Circle Island Series.

The longer I stay perched on the headland with Auden, the more the bridge sways. It’s time to find a suitable title for Berry and Andi’s story, and start outlining the remaining books in the series so I have something to blog about next month. 

BELOW THE FLAME will be available in April for download!