True North

Do you keep a diary? Write an online journal? Are your thoughts somewhere out there in the cloud? I’ve never been able to give up paper and pen for my diary. I like the feel of the paper under my hand while I write. I also keep a lot of ideas in Evernote.

We’re almost at the end of the Circle Island Tour! I’ll be sad to park the Bookmobile in September. I plan to keep blogging, but there will soon be a new format on the website. I’ll share details with you in the fall.

Let’s head north to the edge of the old growth forest. Maybe we’ll spot a bear! We’ll definitely see some eagles so keep your heads up. It’s a long drive and I’m glad we’ve got the summer’s light to guide us.

I always knew the title of the 7th novel in the Circle Island Series would be TRUE NORTH, and I knew right from inception that the book would be a journey about faith. I’ve been reading my grandmother’s diaries to discover her path to religion. These diaries go back 100 years.

TRUE NORTH will navigate a number of characters through a spiritual transformation. You’ll discover a part of Circle Island that can only be found with your moral compass. Hatred doesn’t go undetected in this world. By trying to be separate from those who we think are different than us, by seeking out behaviours that we oppose, we witness our stories and hopefully recognize how the narrative is much the same.

My book recommendation this month is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. The author wrote this book when she was 16. Considering it was released in 1967, this book is definitely a classic and just as hard to put down today as it was years ago when I was 16. Let this book take you into the pain both sides felt and fought against as the gangs of greasers and socs learn about friendship and growing up.

Next month I’ll be releasing TRUTHS TO MYSELF, the 2nd novel in the Circle Island Series. I’m hoping to rate the third time to publication as an easier process than when I published BELOW THE FLAME and THE CIRCLE ISLAND SHORT STORY COLLECTION. I’m on target to complete the entire series by 2017. That, dear diary, is my version of a success story!