On The Wild Side

Find a comfortable seat. Today, there’s a long drive ahead after we disembark from the Circle Island ferry. We’re heading north, up into higher elevations.

It’s time to explore the 5th book in the series. We’re going to the northeast side of Circle Island. TAKE DOWN, a title that may or may not change before the publication date in 2016, is about the wildness of the island. I’m in the process of outlining this story, of discovering the characters and the scenes of conflict. The protagonist has no clear career path, and is just a fledgling in the forest trying to escape the wasteland that life has become.


It's exciting to be doing this part of the writing, to be thinking about new characters and their story. In the background, I’m collecting pieces of the puzzle to create the fifth book. TAKE DOWN will be about discovering identity, and for Hoot and Woody, about finding hope.

I recommend The Old Woman in the Wood by the Brothers Grimm as a companion to TAKE DOWN. I love this tale. The forest isn't a place to fear. The natural world provides us with everything we need. The servant girl in the Grimm's fairy tale is left to starve in the woods after the family she serves is killed, but a dove takes care of her, directs her to find everything she needs to survive within the trees. An old witch controls the King’s son with a curse, but the servant girl frees him and his servants with her act of kindness. When they are all set free from the witch's curse, true identities are revealed, and of course, they live happily ever after.

I feel like I can’t travel around Circle Island without my moral compass, and if you’ve been following the Bookmobile Tour, you understand the importance of a moral compass for the series. Each point on the compass represents how compassionate acts help us get our bearings, how morals help us stay on track in this journey through life.  The series will evolve with each compass point, and go full circle to discover what Circle Island has to offer.

Next month I'll be finishing up the draft for THE BIRDS and then preparing TRUTHS TO MYSELF for publication late in August.

BELOW THE FLAME, the first book in the Circle Island Series, can now be purchased directly from Smashwords, plus at most major retailers. Devon Kitto of Kitto Concepts did an amazing cover, and she's hidden objects in the design for an upcoming contest.

It’s been exciting, exhausting, and frightening to see my first full length novel published. I've had to stick to a production schedule, and plan out each day of writing. It's been a process of finding out what works and what doesn't, in addition to searching for an audience for the series. Do you love the Pacific Northwest? Island living? Transforming relationships? Escape into the world, together we'll discover what sacrifices are necessary for love.