It’s frosty here in the Pacific Northwest on the last day of 2014. The bookmobile had trouble starting in the cold, but I’ve got my woolies on, some hot tea, and there’s no sailing waits for the ferry trip to Circle Island! 

The Circle Island Short Story Collection, Volume I, is now available on Smashwords for download: 

Three stories are included in the first volume. The first story features Maureen & Alden, characters you will meet again in the full length novel BELOW THE FLAME, and begins with the start of their married life in 1939. The next story follows the life of Matthew, the oldest son of Gwen & Syd who meet in the novel TRUTHS TO MYSELF. The third story brings Helena to Circle Island and explores her darkest day. Discover more of her journey in THE BIRDS. 

Maureen & Alden live on the southeast side of Circle Island and own Bay Groceries. Their granddaughter, Veronica, works at the store and lives in the house Maureen & Alden built in the 1940s. The house holds everything that the family is afraid to let go of. BELOW THE FLAME explores how a devastating loss hits all three generations of the family.

If you download The Circle Island Short Story Collection, please do me the favour of reviewing the stories and letting me know how you feel about the characters I’ve introduced. I welcome your critiques. 

I’ve been on my own journey to discover Circle Island. I decided early in the year that I would focus my writing endeavours on creating a series of books. My goal for 2014 was to self-publish, and I can proudly say I did that before ringing in the New Year. My plan is to publish 3 full length novels in 2015. The Short Story Collection was my initiation into the book publishing industry. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to bring you BELOW THE FLAME, but I’m excited to share the world of Circle Island with you.

Cover art for BELOW THE FLAME will feature more great design work from Kitto Concepts. 

Next month the Bookmobile Tour will resume with details about Gwen and the west side of Circle Island.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best to you in 2015!



6 JAN 2015

How can the Circle Island Bookmobile Tour be complete without a book recommendation? I did have a selection picked out for December, but I failed to bring the title to your attention. Better late than forgotten all together!

I’d like to recommend The Open Boat by Stephen Crane. This is a short story first published in 1897, based on Crane’s experience in surviving a shipwreck.  As a passenger on the SS Commodore, Stephen Crane and 27 other men sailed New Year’s Eve, 1896, from Jacksonville, Florida. The Commodore struck a sandbar in dense fog, was again beached in Mayport, Florida, and the ship came to a standstill near Mosquito Inlet after the water pumps malfunctioned. Lifeboats were lowered and the ship sank early morning on January 2nd, 1897. The Open Boat tells the story of Crane and 3 other men who survive the shipwreck. This work of fiction is about Nature’s indifference to man. The men, faced with the stormy sea, have to band together against the forces of Nature and the outcomes of life.