The Birds Fly Over Bookmobile Stop

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Helena, Griffin, Johnny Red, Nell, and six other characters in the 3rd book in the Circle Island Series entitled THE BIRDS. This is my current writing project that I'll be publishing late in 2015. Let’s drive over to the southwest side of Circle Island where it’s warmer and we’ll find a couple of sandy beaches to choose from for a picnic. 

Photos by Devon Kitto

Helena and Griffin are the protagonists featured in THE BIRDS, a story about addiction and discovery. Helena came to Circle Island after a biking accident changed the course of her life. Her story, CAREEN, is featured in The Circle Island Short Story Collection, Volume I:

Helena has become a life coach and now leads a weekly session in her home for a group of addicts. She’s been involved with Griffin for two years. Has she fallen for another man who can’t return her love? Will she be strong enough to save a young girl running from her family? Will she heal the wounds of a father who blames himself for the death of his daughter?

The devil finds mischief for idle hands to do

I was volunteering at a casino to raise funds for my daughter’s high school extracurricular activities when the characters from THE BIRDS came to life. There was the right mixture in the air that night of loneliness and obsessive behaviours. I left that gambling den with a full notebook. When I got home I found a story about the Adar Llwch Gwin, derived from Welsh words meaning giant birds, dust, and wine. I decided to use the mythology as a framework for the story assembling in my imagination.

During my research I found this said about addiction, that the devil is in the details, and addiction is the denial that is woven into the details that allows the devil to work. That reminds me of the saying “idle hands do the devil’s work”.

As a writer, I have to admit to bibliophilism, a love of books. I can’t sit without a book or something to read in my hands. I may stare out a window while I hold my book, but I can’t not have something to read in my hands. I guess I also have to admit to having my iPhone near me because it’s an information portal. Is this a disorder, a madness to consume knowledge? With one hand on my mouse and the other on my keyboard, has the Internet opened a gateway to wisdom with a price? Tell me what you think.

I’m addicted to books. This started before I could even read. I sat my toddler legs crossed on the floor with encyclopedias open to examine the pictures. I took books to bed with me, my favourite tale of three bears with a Golden spine. I still have a book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales on my shelf that I treasure, a child’s illustrated version. I also have a worn text, the spine broken, pages loose, of one of the earlier editions that is not suitable for a young reader. My recommendation for you is to discover one of the earlier volumes from brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm to understand how these fairy tales have influenced your moral compass.

Next month I’m taking the bookmobile to the southern tip of Circle Island to explore the 4th book in the series. We will meet Andi and Berry, two outsiders who struggle with love and friendship.