The Golden Rule

I’ve grown nostalgic about the Circle Island Bookmobile. There’s only one trip left on the tour after this one. I can’t believe almost a year has passed since the Bookmobile launched last fall.

When we disembark the small commuter ferry today, it’s a short drive to the east side where the wind is gusting and the rain is falling. It will soon be mushroom season and Islanders will come in waves to forage the forest crop on this section of the island.

Book #8, the last novel in the series, brings the Circle Island journey to its close. This story will explore the golden rule and how a weakened relationship can be reinforced with empathy. The characters and the plot are still gestating inside me. The ideas will be fully developed soon so keep checking the website for updates.

When I was young, I loved to read bedtime stories. With older brothers and a sister, I inherited many Little Golden Books. My favourite was called Three Bedtime Stories. There was the tale of The Three Little Pigs, plus The Three Bears, and The Three Little Kittens. That was the foundation I grew from, the platform of the Little Golden Books shaping my understanding of the golden rule. The idea of treating others as I would like to be treated, of paying forward good deeds, and understanding the virtue of empathy was a lesson I took to heart each night. What is your favourite childhood book? By definition, it will be a timeless classic.

Next month, there will be a recap of the Circle Island Bookmobile Tour, and then I’m parking the bookmobile. You’ll be able to spot the bookmobile in each novel in the series so keep your eyes open, and keep reading!