The Journey, Full Circle: A Recap

We’ve gone full circle! At the start of this journey, we transported ourselves to Circle Island. Sailing across the channel on the ferry, we disembarked on the east side and the Bookmobile helped us discover where all of the characters of Circle Island live.

The ferry terminal is on the east side of Circle Island. There is a headland where the ferry docks, and from there the highway opens up to all of the locations we’ve visited on the Bookmobile Tour.

Remember the first stop? We visited with Maureen and Alden south of the bay, then we drove southwest where we joined up with Helena, and finished that trip with Matthew on the west side of the island. These characters are featured in the CIRCLE ISLAND SHORT STORY COLLECTION, VOL I.

The next bookmobile tour took us to Potts Beach, not far from the ferry terminal. We explored Hidden Cove and Thunder Lake, and met more characters from BELOW THE FLAME.

Next trip to the island, we stopped on the coast near Brearston to find Gwen and TRUTHS TO MYSELF. Gwen takes us inland for her story, after she loses Dan.  She drove us through dense forest and rolling hills, and past the town of Preston.

Next, we drove to the southwest side of the island, along the twisty coastal highway. We discovered THE BIRDS, the next release in the Circle Island Series, which is due out before the end of 2015. Notice the sea caves on this side, and the high cliffs that make up Deadman’s Curve. The map also shows where the Bakehouse is, and the Graveyard, two locations featured in this story.

Another bookmobile driver, named Auden, met me on the southern tip of the island the next trip out. From his home there are exceptional views of the Pacific Ocean, and the limestone headland where we stood is on a remote section of the coastline. His bookmobile will be found in the fourth book of the series.

At the end of April, the tour took us into the mountains on the northeast side of the island. The loggers here enjoy lake fishing and hiking. We explored their story, the fifth book in the series, while the bookmobile slowly made its way through the heavily treed access roads.

Next visit to Circle Island took us to the northwest side where the surf is choppy and huge waves are chased after by the Pocket Princess in book six. We took the inland route to get there, and the closer we got to the coast, the stormier the weather got.

Our next adventure to the island allowed exploration into the second short story collection in the series. This book will feature characters from the seventh and then final book of Circle Island. We headed north to the edge of the old growth forest before returning east to the ferry.

We returned to the island in July to learn about TRUE NORTH. You can’t see the Pacific Ocean on this side unless you’re up in the mountains.

The last book in the series completes our circle, finishing where we started. Our moral compass allowed us to explore love, loss, addiction, and finish with the golden rule.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for more details on the series, and check back on this website for the new releases.